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Executives and Corporate Leaders

  • Executive Leadership Coach Jacqueline FranklinYou’re already an accomplished leader within your company, division or department. You are respected internally with your direct reports and cross-functional team leaders, as well as externally with customers, partners and service providers.
  • You’re concerned that you’re not as efficient as you could be, or you don’t feel recognized for your contributions.
  • You wonder if achieving a healthy balance between your career and personal life is even possible.
  • You may be ready to reassess your career path overall and brainstorm alternatives for growth, or ways to enjoy greater meaning from your work.
  • Because it’s lonely at the top, you’d like an occasional outside perspective and sounding board.
  • You’re ready to take your game up a notch (without losing your mind). It’s time to create an executive leadership development plan so that you are ready to rumble when that next opportunity arises. Or, better yet, chart your own course. 

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Case Study

Executive & Corporate Leader

Client challenge: CEO of an established technology company wanted to work more effectively with her leadership team and to achieve a healthier balance across her myriad responsibilities (career and personal).

Coach2Growth process: Coach2Growth assessment tools were used to establish a foundation for leadership style and to identify opportunities for growth. A leadership development plan was developed, and regular coaching sessions served as a safe harbor for gauging milestones along the way.

Result: Client fine-tuned her communication, prioritization, and delegation skills, giving her more time to focus on the company’s vision, future talent requirements, and long-term financial sustainability.

Sometimes, you need an executive coach because it’s lonely at the top!

Business Leaders

  • Executive Business CoachingYou’re already a successful entrepreneur and your business has momentum. You’ve worked hard to find and nurture a solid base of customers who respect you and your work. Your web site is live. You may have even published your newsletter and sprinkled in some social media posts to stay in front of your market.
  • You worry, however, that your pace and heads-down approach (and perhaps your business model) are not sustainable. Playing the role of Chief Cook and Bottle Washer has taken its toll. You fear that if you continue on this path, you may let your customers down or miss opportunities to grow.
  • You’re well-equipped and passionate about running your own show. You’re ready to explore ways to leverage resources and capitalize on your inherent strengths to communicate, lead and partner.
  • You’re ready to embrace the role of CEO and develop a plan to grow and succeed — deliberately. You might even be ready to envision effortless success.

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Case Study

Business Leader

Client Challenge: President of a healthy and growing branding services firm wanted a clear business plan for growth, in line with her desire to honor her personal life.

Coach2Growth Process: Utilizing Coach2Growth assessment tools to identify strengths, areas of vulnerability, and goals, we developed a business plan and identified practical strategies to address obstacles.

Result: Armed with a plan to serve as a guidepost, the client was able to prioritize her time and focus on key milestones.

There’s nothing like a plan to reduce stress and uncertainty of where you’re headed!

Leaders in Career Transition

  • Career transition coachingYou enjoyed your job initially, and then somewhere along the way, it became comfortable.
  • Now, you feel stuck in your career and like you’re spinning your wheels.
  • You know that you could be doing a lot more — that you have more to offer.
  • You’d like to be excited again about making a contribution and to be recognized, including financially.
  • You’re ready for a career change, and not sure where to begin.

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Case Study

Leader in Transition

Client challenge: Experienced leader of a large government contractor was at a crossroads and wanted to explore career options and direction overall.

Coach2Growth Process: Using Coach2Growth tools and a proven career assessment device, we worked to identify strengths, areas of interest and best culture fit. We developed a plan to help guide next steps with her current employer to enable career growth.

Result: With direction, the client had a solid career plan for the foreseeable future, including strategies to repackage herself for senior-level opportunities.

It’s essential to stop at checkpoints, evaluate direction, and course-correct now and again.