How do you spend your most important asset?

24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, or 8,736 hours a year.  That’s what we get.  It’s the one resource we all have in common.  The difference, of course, is how we each choose to spend this incredible gift of time.

Off the top, most of us spend somewhere around 56 hours of each week sleeping.  That leaves 112 waking hours a week.  Then, if you take the “normal” workweek of 45 hours, you have 67 hours left (and I know that 45 hours for most of us is a pipe dream, but go with me on this).

Sixty-seven hours a week of discretionary time left to enjoy our family and friends, to partake in community service, to keep our bodies healthy, to manage our finances, to manage our households, to read incredible blogs like this, and on and on it goes.  Is it any wonder that we’re exhausted and take so little time to reflect, especially about whether how we spend our time even makes sense?  When was the last time you asked if how you spend your time will advance your goals and dreams?

Yet, time is one variable over which we have control (even though sometimes we convince ourselves we do not).  And, while you may not be able to change the amount of time you spend on your business today, recognizing that you want to achieve more balance in favor of your personal life allows you to consciously direct how you manage your business time moving forward.   For instance, perhaps it’s time for a bookkeeper to free up two hours of your week to help with some of the day-in-day-out accounting.  Yes, it costs money, but what does two hours allow you to do with your time that might have more value to you in the long-run?

Becoming aware of how you spend your time today, and how that differs from what you want, ultimately, is empowering and the first step in affecting change (or not, if you’re perfectly happy with how you spend your time).

Download the Time Spent Tool here and try it out! 

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