How Does Your Leadership Wheel Roll?

There is a lot written about leadership.  I mean A LOT!  If you search for leadership books on Amazon, 21,907 hardback books come up.  Must be a pretty important topic, or a lot of trees are sacrificing their lives for nothing.

And, yet, leadership can be an amorphous topic and always easier to see than describe.  It’s not one attribute or skill that defines leadership, it’s a combination of personal qualities that you call upon each day to make decisions and ensure your organization or business rolls smoothly…like the spokes of a wheel, your Leadership Wheel, if you will.

While, indeed, some people are born leaders, most of us come to the party with some aspects of leadership stronger than others.  And, some aspects of leadership are uncomfortable for us.  While most of us enjoy seeing an inspirational leader at work, for instance, not everyone enjoys the prospect of being the person whose job it is to inspire and rally the troops around a vision.

Thankfully, leadership is multi-faceted, and just because being the visionary is not your innate strength, does not mean you are an ineffective leader.  Each of us comes to the table with certain intrinsic aspects of leadership, others in need of development, and still others that vacillate under stress.

On the other hand, your ability to form high-energy, healthy relationships may be just what your business requires to ensure your pipeline is always full.

How you lead your organization or company (and your life, for that matter) can make all the difference in whether you’re able to inspire, influence and, ultimately, grow your business.

The Coach2Growth Leadership Wheel identifies 10 aspects of leadership.  Check out our self-assessment tool to see how your Leadership Wheel rolls.

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