JELL-O Mold or JELL-O Mess

jelloEven if you buy the need for strategy, it’s hugely time-consuming and taxing to get your team or organization on the same page. In short, it’s something that most people avoid. It’s much simpler to just get ‘er done….regardless if what you’re doing gets you closer to your goals. We’re busy, people!

Yet, when we dodge the time and energy needed to flesh out sound strategies for how to accomplish our goals and, moreover, determine all that it takes to get our teams aligned, it can be akin to nailing JELL-O to a tree…unlikely to stick and pretty messy.

JELL-O, itself, is a pretty simple product: gelatin, sugar and artificial stuff that we’d rather not know about. It’s also simple to prepare: add water. If, however, you don’t put the mixture into some kind of dish or kitschy mold and refrigerate, it remains an amorphous liquid. And, while the JELL-O “drink” may be tasty, it’s not nearly as much fun to eat, and more or less, beside the point. Point being: like strategy, JELL-O offers the most value and integrity when chilled enough to sit properly upright on the serving plate (ba-dum-bump).

leadership-alignment-processSo, if you fall into the category of “strategy avoider”, and especially if you are about to enter into the fall planning season, I invite you to follow our tried and true six-step model (think JELL-O mold) for developing your strategies and ensuring alignment across your team. Even if you love strategy work, there may be a nugget or two for improving your process here too.

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