The Value of Values as Your Compass

What do you value?  Initially, you may have thought this an easy question to answer.  Usually, we respond with some of the top of mind choices, like family, relationships, and health.  All of which, of course, are important and critical.  I invite you, however, to drill a little deeper and think about the values behind the values, if you will.  For instance, what is it that you value about health at a deeper level that might drive your behavior?

Maybe for you, health buys you freedom to be mobile, to travel, and run through airports.  Maybe health equals attractiveness to you, so you feel like a superstar each time you make a presentation.  Health may mean that you have stamina and energy to close that next deal, or keep you at the top of your idea generation game.  So, while health is important to you, it may be that, really, it’s freedom, attractiveness and energy that you value.

Integrity is another value that tends to make the top of the list.  And, who doesn’t want to live a truthful life?  But, when we look at businesses around the globe, we can all find examples where integrity takes a back seat when an opportunity for wealth is dropped in the lap.

The reason values are important in the business world is that they can be used as a guidepost to decision making.  Our values are what subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) engage our gut regarding direction.  When we’re aware of which values are most important to us, they can operate as a compass to keep us in the zone.

If you tend toward your left-brain (like me), you may resist this notion as too “woo-woo.”  Some would prefer to be guided by a plan and check off boxes each day.  And, while having a plan is essential, as are “to do” lists, ensuring your plan is in line with your values ensures that what you do each day feels right, and in line with what’s important to you, personally.

The value of values has been missing from the business conversation for some time, but it’s an area where women, in particular, resonate.

When was the last time you checked in with your values?

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